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: Funplex
Title:      Funplex
Artist:      The B-52\'s
ASIN:      B00139B39O
Label:      Astralwerks
Release date:     
Number of Discs:      1
Binding:      Audio CD
Track Listings:      Hot Corner;Ultraviolet;Juliet of the Spirits;Funplex;Eyes Wide Open;Love in the Year 3000;Deviant Ingredient;Too Much to Think About;Dancing Now;Keep This Party Going;
Language:      English
Rating:      4.5 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Album Description
Along with producer Steve Osborne (New Order, Happy Mondays, Doves) the band have created an album as cutting edge, distinctive & danceable as their debut album in 1979. The B-52\'s influence cuts a wide path through much of so-called Modern Rock-- from the low-fi efforts of nouveau garage bands and the Retro-Hip of Ultra-Lounge to the very ascendance of Dance music itself. Twenty years and 20 million albums into a career that began as a low-rent lark in Athens, Georgia, the B-52\'s remain the most unlikely Pop superstars ever. The first band to glorify Pop culture with an almost Warholian sense of purpose, their absurd B-movie style and off-kilter sound celebrated the weirdness lurking just beneath the surface of Americana. EMI. 2008.
16 years between albums is a gap virtually unprecedented in modern music, so no surprises that the first question you want to know about Funplex is: how does it sound? Going on the opening track \"Pump\", you\'d be forgiven for thinking not at all: there\'s Fred Schneider\'s delirious, delightfully unselfconscious shout, there\'s Kate and Cindy whooping like dropout cheerleaders, there\'s the enjoyably garish mish-mash of early rock\'n\'roll, B-movie kitsch and surfboard funk that\'s been the group\'s stock in trade since their emergence in the new-wave boom of the mid-\'70s. Deeper into Funplex, though, there\'s evidence of a new electronic edge, which can be owed in part to the input of producer Steve Osbourne, who\'s previously worked with New Order and Sophie Ellis Bextor. At times, the presence of dance beats, echoing effects, and pulsing synthesiser make Funplex feel a little clinically handled, like a B-52s remix. But it\'s worth admission just for the glorious title track, a chaotic cops\'n\'hippies dust-up at the mall, and the mighty \"Ultraviolet\". \"Keep doing what we\'re doing cos we\'re doing it right!\" shouts Fred. \"Four miles to a breakdown!\" shout Kate and Cindy. 16 years on, the party\'s still going. - Louis Pattison

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